Parts Ordering Policy

            Please note that we do not accept phone or email orders as they do not provide an online traceable record for your order. Our communication is solely through email, if you have questions and would like to speak to a representative you may call us for assistance.

            ALL Orders must be placed by 3 pm Central time in order for us to receive most Special Ordered items next day. If order is placed after 3 pm the order will be placed with Nissan on the following business day.

            If we are out of stock on an item, we will order it and notify you by email if your order will take longer than normal to receive. WE DO NOT CALL. Most orders arrive within 3-10 business days depending on many factors including if the items were in stock and which shipping method was picked. Transit times on Air orders do NOT include order time from our warehouse; for example, if we do not have the part and it takes two days for us to receive, transit times begins when the package is shipped from us to you. Thus, when you choose Overnight delivery, it does not mean that you will receive your order tomorrow.

            Please be aware of the following when looking up and ordering your parts:

            • This web page is managed by a 3rd party company.
            • This parts catalog is a 3rd party catalog, and is not 100% accurate.
            • We are available to answer your part look up questions either via email or by calling 1-833-834-8787 during the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. Limited help is available on Saturdays.
            • Please provide us with your vehicles VIN number in your email or have it ready if you call in for us to further assist you with your needs. This will almost 95% ensure  you will get the correct part. The other  5% is circumstances out of our control having to do with Nissan inaccuracies within their own catalogs.  
          •  We are not responsible for the web sites catalog inaccuracies for it is not an actual Nissan Parts catalog. Any discrepancies that we find we will attempt to correct them within your order.This could mean a few different things such as:
            • We find the error, and find the correct part and there is no change in price.
            • We find the error, and find the correct part and there is a change in price.
            • We do not find the error, due to inaccuracies with the order or not enough information is provided to us in order to determine if the part you ordered is correct or not, and the part is shipped and incorrect. At this time any additional cost will be the purchasers responsibility. Also if the said product now becomes non returnable due the policies spelled out in the Return policy section, then the part will not be eligible to be return. Any exceptions to this is solely up to ProNissanParts discretion.
            • You order a part found through a blog sight said to fix or replace your current part and or problem. If these turn out to be incorrect parts for your vehicle, these parts too will now fall under the Return Policy for eligibility for return and refunds.
            • If for any other reason or any other subject or issues arise from the 3rd party catalog or from the consumer willingly ordering a part without fully understanding its true nature to fit and work properly to repair their vehicle, we may decline a refund or exchange due to reasons that we state here and that are stated on the Return Policy page.
            • All incorrect parts unless ProNissanParts provided the part number to you, are subject to a 15% restocking fee and will have to follow the rules of the Return Policy page for determining their return eligibility. 
            • We try and make sure that ordered parts are correct for your application, but please understand that if you order a part that you were told to order and we say it is in correct and we send you what we think is the correct part, but yet the actual correct part is the one you ordered based on information we where not aware of at the time, this too will fall under the Return Policy for a return due to the limited information we where provided.
            • At this time we will no longer pursue to try and verify the correct part if the consumer does not provide the VIN number to us at the time the order is placed. We have tried in the past to verify this as such, but find that once parts are ordered, it because extremely difficult to contact the consumers in order to obtain their information to verify the parts. We find more people are upset that we didn't just send them the part, instead or trying to verify the correct part, because they are on a time frame to repair their vehicle.
            • In order to verify your part please provide us with the following information at time of checkout in the add note to seller section on the final checkout page: Vin number, description of needed part, which side if applicable, use passenger or driver instead of left or right, and any other pertinent information we could need in order to determine you have the correct part. If you found the part through a blog sight and it refers to a specific TSB or recall or campaign part, please provide us with this information as well, as most of these part fixes created in these type of bulletins are not in the normal Nissan parts catalog, for they are applied to a range of vehicles, and some require multiple parts to repair or fix a specific issue.
            • Please understand we are here to help, so please call or email us with your specific issue and we will try our best for a part resolution.