Warranty Policy

Please note, all parts sold through this website carry a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty, which ever comes first at time of purchase. Also please note, that this warranty is offered and regulated solely through Nissan North America, not through ProNissanParts.com or any personnel or companies associated with ProNissanParts.com. Nissan North American dictates as to what and how a defective part qualifies as a warrant-able item. 

With this being said please take note of the following if you feel that you have a defective part:

  • All parts carry a limited 12 month 12,000 mile warranty that covers ONLY the purchased part, NO LABOR will be covered due to not being installed by a Nissan dealer. If you did have a Nissan dealer install the part, you will have to provide us proof of this installation with a copy of the receipt showing that the part was in fact installed by a Nissan dealership. Once that information is provided we can then provide you with your receipt to show proof that you bought this part from an actual Nissan dealership, then your Nissan Dealership can warranty the part and labor out for you. We reserve the right to verify the facts of the install by either calling the Dealership or using other means to verify. 
  • Certain parts WILL require the consumer to take their vehicle to a Nissan dealership to verify the part is defective. This is required by Nissan on certain parts, that require certain diagnostic codes to be generated by Nissan diagnostic equipment which creates a paper trail with Nissan for the defective part in order for it to qualify for warranty. Without these diagnostic codes, it is not possible for us or any other Nissan dealership to warranty out certain defective items. This could possibly mean the consumer might have to pay a diagnostic fee at whatever dealership he/she decides to take their vehicle to. 
  • Some of the parts that will require this type of diagnostics included but not limited to the following items:
    • Alternators
    • Starters
    • Batteries
    • Engines
    • Turbos
    • Transmissions
    • ECM's
    • BCM's
    • TCM's
  • Please note, that since we are a Nissan dealership, you can take your part to any Nissan dealer in the United States for warranty. All you will need from us is our actual receipt which we can provide you when you contact us. The packing slip is not the original invoice that will be needed.
  • If any part is bought and sent out of the country (United States) the warranty will become void. Parts sold by Nissan dealerships within the United States ONLY carry a warranty for vehicles bought and sold in the United States, and carry no warranty to any other Nissan vehicles if they where never slated for sale in the U.S. by Nissan. Your VIN will be required to warranty any part and if the VIN shows this vehicle was not a vehicle sold in the United States, than the warranty will be void on the part.
  •  Please keep this in mind. A part installed incorrectly that causes another part to fail or failure of purchased part that creates any other issues and or failures, does not qualify that the purchased part or any other failed part thereafter to be covered under Nissan's warranty. Nissan will only warranty the purchased defective part. Any other issues is not covered.
  • In order to start the Warranty process, you need to provide us all of the following information:
    • Mileage at time of install.
    • Mileage at time of failure.
    • VIN number of the vehicle the part was installed on.
    • If the part was installed at a local repair facility we will need all receipts/repair orders for when the part was installed originally and when reinspected due to failure we will need that receipt as well. These receipts must show the vehicle in questions VIN number along with the mileage at both, time of install and time of failure.
  • If you choose to use your local Nissan dealer to warranty the part out, which is your option since the warranty is backed by Nissan North America, we will gladly provide you with a copy of your receipt that we generate here, which will prove to them that this part was in fact bought through a Nissan dealership.
  • In some instances getting your local Nissan dealership to warranty the part will be a quicker process then the shipping time frame that will be required if warranted through us.
  • If we are able to warranty the part out based on the above criteria then we will assist you in solving this issue. 
  • Please note that we are not the company that backs the warranty, Nissan North American is the backer of the warranty. They dictate to us what qualifies and what doesn't qualify for warranty. If for any reason Nissan denies the warranty then we are no longer liable for the warranty concern.