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Don't wait for your Nissan headlights to dim or burn out before replacing them. Lights dim over time, and regular replacement will ensure that you are experiencing the best lighting and the clearest visibility. Also, avoid uneven illumination by replacing your headlights in pairs. 

1. Uneven illumination indicates that both lights should be replaced.

2. Inspect your bulbs to find a broken filament, and replace both bulbs when only one is broken.

3. Replace headlight bulbs annually. The length of time needed before replacing your headlights will depend on the type of bulb and how often the lights are used. 

Why Genuine Nissan Parts?

Genuine Nissan parts ensure that you are receiving the best quality. Nissan OEM headlights are brighter and provide improved visibility in stormy or overcast weather, low-light or no-light conditions. Aftermarket replacement headlights are not identical to OEM Nissan parts.

1. Most aftermarket part, including lights, don’t provide the same quality and reliability as OEM parts. The quality of aftermarket parts is reduced to allow for a reduction in price. 

2. Cheap aftermarket headlights increase the probability that you will experience reduced or poor lighting during severe weather conditions, overcast days and while driving in unfamiliar or remote, dark areas. 

3. Avoid the unnecessary risk and stress by choosing OEM headlights.

Find Your OEM Parts at ProNissanParts.com

ProNissanParts is a friendly, family run business that provides OEM parts at competitive prices. Make your purchase online by entering the vehicle's year, make and model and select headlights.

If you need assistance, please contact ProNissanParts at 1-877-949-0682 during regular business hours, or contact us by email. 

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